Primal Organic- paleo diet delivery
Primal Organic is a healthy meal plan delivery service located in Miami. Each meal is made from scratch using  original paleo diet recipes, whole food, and gluten-free ingredients.  We create new meal plan menus every week full of both creative and classic dishes.

Our Food
-100% Paleo
-No Soy
-Whole Food
-Dairy Free
-Grain Free
-No Added Sugar
-No Artificial sweeteners
-Low carb
-Wild Caught Alaskan Salmon

Primal Organic’s chefs handcraft each of our client’s gourmet meals specifically using only paleo ingredients. The meals are then sealed and delivered to your doorstep that same day. Our meals arrive fresh, never frozen, and always ready to eat.

Our goal is to make eating healthy in Miami convenient.  We do this by delivering delicious, nutritious, prepared, packaged, paleo meal plans. We are dedicated to meeting all our client’s dietary needs with satisfying chef created meals that save time and money.

Eating paleo is about eating whole foods and lean healthy meats. It is not about constant consumption of processed and fattened up cattle. Primal Organic is a low carb diet, but we prefer to be considered a low crap diet.

The food we eat matters. It affects our overall health and well-being. At Primal Organic we know eating a well-balanced diet full of wholesome, nutrient-rich, organic foods helps us live a stronger, longer, and healthier life.

It’s never too late to change your diet. There are no set rules, no time limit, change whenever you want. You can make the best or the worst of it. We hope you make the best of it. We hope you find the perfect diet for you. We hope you are proud of how you eat. If you find that you’re not, We hope you have the courage to change.


How it Works

You can order online below, or give us a call at 1-305-771-5352 (land lines must dial 1). Placing your Primal Organic order is easy. Simply select the meal plan that’s right for you. All three of our plans use the same paleo diet menu, what differs is the amount of food in each meal. The weight loss meal plans are extremely popular for anyone looking to shed a few pounds of fat, and the athlete meal plans are great for those with large appetites. After you select the right size for you. Your next option is deciding how many paleo meals you want receive per day.  Next complete our easy and secure online ordering process delivery is free, but you must live in or near Dade County, and the rest is up to us! Meals are delivered three times a week directly to your home.
Not interested in something on the menu? We have you covered. Let us know by filling out the form on our substitutions options page. Want to never receive pork, seafood, or fish just let us know on our client customization page
Eat and enjoy our amazing organic paleo recipes.

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