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Will I Lose Weight on the Paleo Diet?

[dropcap]Will I Lose Weight on the paleo diet?[/dropcap] When you start to eat paleo, you start shedding fat. The Paleolithic diet (or the crossfit diet, the caveman diet, or simply eating paleo) takes it back to our dietary roots, and it can help you get back to our happiest weight. How do you lose weight on the paleo diet? Well the paleo diet is a low-glycemic diet.

[dropcap]What is a low-glycemic diet?…. make it basic[/dropcap]

A low-glycemic diet is a weight loss diet that takes into consideration how carbohydrates in food affect blood sugar levels.
What is blood sugar level, and why is it important in weight loss?
Our blood sugar level is the amount of glucose (sugar) present our blood, it tells our body how much insulin to create.
Does insulin production effect weight loss?
A surge in insulin tells our body to STOP BURNING FAT AND START STORING IT.
What causes an insulin surge?
Eating refined grains and other carbohydrate rich foods can cause an insulin surge.
What is an example of a carbohydrate rich food?
Bread, bagels, pasta, and beans are all examples of foods high in carbs. The Primal Plan does not use any food high in carbohydrates.

To sum everything up a low-glycemic diet is a diet based on controlling blood sugar level. Our Blood sugar level is the amount of glucose present in our blood. Blood sugar level is important because it determines how much insulin our bodies will create. An insulin surge tells our body to STOP BURNING FAT AND START STORING IT. Carbohydrate-rich food can create these insulin surges because they raise your blood sugar. Thus, loading up on Carbohydrate-rich food will raise your blood sugar, leading to an insulin surge, causing your body to stop burning fat and start storing it.
[dropcap]So will I lose weight on the paleo diet?[/dropcap] Yes

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Are potatoes paleo? Are potatoes paleo friendly?

[dropcap]Are potatoes paleo?[/dropcap]

Opinions vary on whether potatoes are included in the paleo diet. While nutrient for nutrient potatoes are a whole food, potato consumption can cause many issues especially for anyone looking to lose weight. For these reasons, Primal Organic does not use regular potatoes in our paleo diet meal plan. We believe potatoes are a whole food, but exclude them due to the negative effects they can have on an individual’s metabolism.

Many paleo primal diet heavy weights have commented on this issue.

The Paleo Diet book (revised 2011) written by Loren Cordain forbids starches, including all grains, legumes, and potatoes. However not all feel this way.

Are Potatoes paleo diet friendly?

[quote style=”boxed”]Potatoes represent a bolus of dietary starch, which can wreak havoc on the insulin resistant, but they are undeniably whole, real foods that don’t require much processing beyond simple heating.”-Mark Sisson[/quote]

Are Potatoes part of the the Primal diet?

[quote style=”boxed”]Should everyone out there (be) chowing down on potatoes? Unfortunately, no. Not because there is anything unhealthy about potatoes, but a lot of people cannot process dense carb sources in a healthy way. It ultimately depends on your activity level and metabolic status. Basically those carbs fuel your activity level. If you’re living a desk to couch lifestyle then either up your activity level or keep the intake low. You have to earn your carbs. If you have metabolic issues (read: abdominal fat) then you need to get that sorted out first since you are not processing carbs correctly. It ends up being shuttled to the fat tissue instead of being available as energy.-Robb Wolf “[/quote]

Primal Organic paleo meals do not use potatoes. This is not necessarily because they cannot be considered paleo but because many people bodies’ react poorly to them.

If you are interested in eating a paleo diet, check out our menu here.

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New paleo habits

[quote style=”boxed”]It’s never too late to change your diet. There are no set rules, no time limit, change whenever you want. You can make the best or the worst of it. We at Primal Organic hope you make the best of it. We hope you find the perfect diet for you. We hope you are proud of how you eat. If you find that you’re not, We hope you have the courage to change it.[/quote][fbshare type=”button” float=”right”]

Have bad eating habits ruled your life? If you are new to paleo and need to get rid of old habits this list can help. The food we eat matters. It affects our overall health and well-being. At Primal Organic we know eating a well-balanced diet full of wholesome, nutrient-rich, organic foods helps us live a stronger, longer, and healthier life.

[box type=”tick”]1. Commit for a Month. It has been proven time and time again thirty days is all you need to make a habit change permanent. Less time than that and the new alternative might not be hardwired into your brain. More time and any failures to last are usually a failure of strategy, not duration.[/box] [box type=”tick”]2. Replace What You Lose. Your habits fulfill needs. When you suddenly cause a change, you may inadvertently cut them out. Before you make a change, write down all the benefits you currently get from your bad habit and make sure they are retained going into the new habit.[/box] [box type=”tick”]3. Start Small. Changing habits is not a matter of willpower, but patience and strategy. Don’t expect to overhaul your diet, exercise or thinking patterns in a day. Tackle one habit at a time. For example maybe do not cut coffee out of your diet right away.[/box] [box type=”tick”]4. Know the Benefits.  Why are you starting to eat paleo. Get clear in your mind what the benefits are of making this change. If making a change rationally seems good but it doesn’t feel good, it won’t stick. Emotions have more power than many of us realize.[/box] [box type=”tick”]5. Write it Down . Winston Churchill once said, ““Plans are useless, planning is invaluable.”” Writing out any commitments you make will give you clarity both to what you desire and how you intend to do it.[/box] [box type=”tick”]6. Visualize yourself eating a non paleo item. Next visualize yourself pushing aside that item and eating something that is part of the paleo diet. Finally, end that sequence with an image of yourself in a highly positive state. Do it a few times until you automatically go through the pattern before executing the old habit.[/box] [box type=”tick”]7. Tell a Friend . Get some leverage on yourself. Tell a friend your plan so you will be more likely to commit to the change.[/box] [box type=”tick”]8. Make it an Experiment. Just try eating paleo to see what it will be like, rather than a great emotional struggle. This will help keep you focused on conditioning the trial and allow you to view results with less bias.[/box] [box type=”tick”]9. If at First You Don’t Succeed… Most big changes aren’t going to happen the first time. It took me three attempts before I stuck to eating paleo regularly. Now I love it. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you fail the first time; just tweak your approach and go again.[/box] [box type=”tick”]10. Try to avoid hazard zones. Get yourself out of situations that can trigger your old habit. Remove all non-paleo food from your house.[/box] [box type=”tick”]11.  Use the “But” skill”. A prominent habit-changing therapist once told me this great technique for changing bad thought patterns. When you start to think negative thoughts, use the word “”but”” to interrupt it. “”I’m no good at sticking to a diet, but, if I work at it I might get better later.”[/box] [box type=”tick”]12.   Know the Pain. Feel what will happen to you if you don’t make a change. Use your imagination to enhance the image of your results should you do nothing.[/box] [box type=”tick”]13. Add Role Models. Start spending more time with people who live the way you want to live. Join groups and find mentors who have already adapted the habits you want to take on. They can be invaluable in giving you the positive reinforcement and guidance you need.[/box] [box type=”tick”]14. Stay Consistent . Try to keep as many aspects of your habit in control when conditioning to make the associations stronger. For the first month don’t just exercise a few times a week, but every day. Do things at the same time and in the same pattern to ensure your results stick.[/box] [box type=”tick”]15. Remind Yourself. Put reminders of your habit around you. Put up Post-It eat paleo notes, affirmations or whatever you need to stay consistent.[/box] [box type=”tick”]16. Do it Now. Waiting for life? The best way to learn how to start eating paleo is to start eating paleo. Make a change now and in a month you can have a completely new way of living.[/box][fbshare type=”button”]

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Coconut Grove paleo tasting

Paleo 101 (Entrée Size)

Bourbon-Asparagus Mushroom Steak

 Celeriac Duchess

w/ Plantain Lava

Chef Fabian Special (Entrée Size)


Thai Basil Ginger Pork Loin

W/ Coconut-Mirin Zucchini lo Mein

Bean sprout, Spanish Onion Celery Carrot coconut.

Upscale Paleo (demo size)

 Apple-Sage Chicken Patty

Rutabaga Bacon Hash

 w/ Apple Glaze Hart verts

In Popular Demand (snack size)

Cauliflower-Tabouli salad

Emulsified Ginger/lime Vinaigrette

Add Chicken or Shrimp

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Paleo Meme

Primal Organic offers the best paleo in Miami. Want amazing paleo using only fresh organic ingredients?

Primal Organic is a locally-owned, paleo meal service that offers a conveint way for Miami residents to eat a paleo diet.

We deliver gourmet meals made from organic, well-sourced ingredients to locations in Miami and all of Dade County. Our meat is sourced through trusted farmers who provide us with grass fed, pastured, free-range proteins and we observe seasonal ingredients whenever possible.

At Primal Organic we believe in real food. We know that a healthy diet is can change your life. Our goal is to help people eat paleo in Miami, one paleo delivery at a time.

How does it work?

1. Pick out what size meal you are interested in ordering. We offer three different paleo diet meal plans for all types of people. The weight loss meal plans are extremely popular for anyone looking to shed a few pounds of fat, and the athlete meal plans are great for those with large appetites. While the paleo meal plans vary in size, all contain the same delicious paleo recipes and organic ingredients. Your next option is deciding how many paleo meals and snacks you want receive per day.Than complete our easy and secure online ordering process, and the rest is up to us!
2. Not interested in something on the menu? We have you covered. Let us know by filling out the form on our substitutions options page.
2. Primal Organic’s gourmet chefs will create your meal using only organic ingredients and paleo recipes. If you have any special requests we will do are best to accommodate.
3. We package the paleo meals and deliver them to your doorstep. We place each meal in a insulated bag with ice packs to make sure it stays fresh but never frozen.
4. Eat and enjoy our amazing organic paleo recipes.

Still have questions? Contact Us or give us a call at 305-771-5352

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Is corn paleo?

Is corn paleo? Primal Organic never uses corn in any of our paleo diet meals.  Even if you can purchase organic corn, it is still not paleo. Why? Well corn is not a vegetable, corn is a grain, and thus not paleo

While some might chastise you for asking if corn is paleo, we get the question all the time! Many forget the corn is a grain and therefore not part of a paleo diet. To confess for much of my childhood and an embarrassing amount of my adult life I considered corn a vegetable. I blame my parents, they always insisted I eat and than pointed to some left over corn on my plate.

Paleo diet creators (Cavemen) ate little if any grains. Cavemen probably ate grains if no other options existed because grains offer so few nutrients. Corn is not paleo because it is a grain.

PrimalOrganic Miami paleo diet delivery never uses grains in any of our paleo recipes.
If you live in the Dade County area I want to try our organic meal delivery click on a paleo meal plan below