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Does the paleo diet work? 5 seperate studies

Does the paleo diet work? Will I lose weight on the paleo diet?

The paleo diet imitates the diet of our “hunter-gatherer” ancestors,  it promotes eating “whole foods.” Whole foods are unprocessed animals and plants, including meat, fish, eggs, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds. The paleo diet shuns processed foods, sugar, legumes, dairy grains, and anything with gluten. However, this does not answer if the paleo diet works. Below are a few study’s that compared the paleo diet to other popular diets.

Paleo diet vs. Traditional low fat diet Study

According to research conducted published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition the Paleo diet is more effective than the traditional low fat diet for producing weight loss, melting belly fat, and controlling diabetes than a low-fat diet. Researchers said people on the paleo diet reported feeling more satisfied and less hungry than low-fat dieters. See the study here.

Paleo diet vs Mediterranean diet

In this study the paleolithic diet compared to the popular Mediterranean-like diet. When answering “does the paleo diet work?” the researchers found it lead to more weight lost, greater improvements in waist circumference, and improvements glycemic control. While both groups lost weight. The people on paleo diet lost more weight an average of 11 lbs vs 8.4 lbs in the control group. Furthermore, the paleo diet group had a 5.6 cm reduction in waist circumference, compared to 2.9 cm in the control group. The difference was considered statistically significant. See the study here

Does the paleo diet work with healthy people?

A study published in European Journal of Clinical Nutrition wanted to test the effects of the paleo diet in healthy volunteers. Do does the paleo diet work with health people? Over a short period the researchers found the paleo diet worked on multiple levels. They found a fall in blood pressure, weight decreased by 5 pounds, body mass index decreased by 0.8, and waist circumference went down by 1.5 cm. See the study here.

Paleo diet vs diabetes diet

In this study researchers found the paleo diet caused more weight loss and several improvements in cardiovascular risk factors, compared to a Diabetes diet. People on the paleo diet lost almost seven pounds more weight and lost 1.6 inches more off of their waistlines, compared to the Diabetes diet. This study found that the paleo diet worked better than the diabetes diet. See the study here.

Does the paleo diet work? The above studies show that it does. For further evidence check out our happy customers on Facebook and yelp ;).