Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do with the insulated bag and ice packs after I put my food in the fridge?
After you take the food out please put the insulated Primal Organic bag  and ice packs back outside of your door. Our delivery driver will pick the bag up when we dropping off your next delivery. The food containers returned are yours to keep. Please note if you do not return the Primal Organic bag  and ice pack you will be charged $15.
Do you deliver to my area?
If you live in Dade County we deliver to you. Primal Organic delivers anywhere in Miami, and Dade County including Aventura, Brickell, Coconut Grove, Coral Gables, Cutler Bay, Dadeland, Doral, Downtown, Hialeah, Kendall, Key Biscayne, Miami Beach, Miami Lakes, Miami Shores, North Miami, Pinecrest, South Beach, South Miami, and Sunny Isles.
When does the delivery arrive?
We deliver food on Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday night. The meals come in an insulated bag and will be dropped off at your front door.  It is your responsibility to make sure we can get to your front door. Expect the bag to arrive anytime between 5:00PM and 12:00AM. Do not worry about going to sleep before the food arrives, the driver will not disturb you and the food is in an insulated bag with many ice packs.

Sunday night clients receive food for Monday and Tuesday.
Tuesday night clients receive food for Wednesday and Thursday.
Thursday night clients receive food for Friday.
Clients do not receive a delivery on Monday or Wednesday.

What if I did not receive my delivery?
First please confirm it is a day that you are supposed to receive delivery. Our deliveries go out Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday night.  The bags arrive anytime between 5:00PM and 12:00AM.

If you live in an apartment building make sure to check with the doorman. Sometimes doormen bar the delivery drivers from dropping the bag off at your door.

Remember It is your responsibility to provide access to your front door.
If you think there is a problem call us at 305-771-5352 . Please note that we will not be available to address your concerns until after 9 AM

What if I have a food allergy?
It is important to note that we prepare foods in our kitchen with many of the ingredients people are commonly allergic to including nuts, fish, and eggs. While we make every effort and use best practices to avoid any cross contamination, we cannot guarantee that there won’t be any cross contamination with you Primal Organic meals.
We urge you to use caution when ordering Primal Organic. It is important to call us before you order if you have a food allergy. Furthermore, if your allergy is moderate to severe we cannot recommend Primal Organic.
What if I do not eat a certain type of food?
We do our best to accommodate all of our clients, some food like pork, and shellfish are no problem. Take a look at our meal client customization page, if you still have concerns give us a call.
Is every ingredient organic?
Organic food is food “as it was meant to be grown or raised.” It does not mean the food is always perfect or pretty. Organic produce is often reduced in size and can look less appetizing compared to non-organic produce. Organic is great, but it’s not always appropriate for the meals we create. Sometimes we can find produce suppliers who focus on responsible or sustainable practices but aren’t certified organic. Not every ingredient in our meals is organic, but we do our best to make the best call on ingredients , always keeping the big picture in mind.
Do you recycle the plastic containers the food comes in?
We kindly ask our customers to participate in their home or business recycling programs. We are unable to accept used containers back into our facility due to sanitary reasons.
What do I do with insulated bags which contain my meals?
We do keep track of these bags and ice packs for each account, and ask you to be mindful of leaving the empty bag out the night before your next scheduled delivery. This will ensure that you do not incur any Bag Replacement Fees ($15 per bag).