Eating Fresh Is Better

Fresh Is Better

We know eating meals fresh is better. That is why Primal Organic delivers fresh meals directly to its client’s doorstep. Each meal is crafted with Paleo, and gluten-free ingredients . Our healthy food and meal plan delivery services are perfect for all ages. Fresh new menus created weekly include fully prepared, premium quality, fresh meals. We offer weight loss meals with our skinny meal plan. We also offer high calorie option with our Athlete meal plan. Our Healthy food delivery is available in Miami and all of Dade County. All Meals are delivered fresh never frozen because we know fresh is better.

Meal Size Options 

Fresh is Better
Example Menu for Primal Organic healthy meal delivery.
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At Primal Organic we know eating meals fresh is better. That is why we offer a convenient and delicious way to eat a diet full of fresh foods. Our healthy meal service uses better ingredients that are unprocessed and unrefined, or “whole foods.” The meals are always fresh. We know the food you put in your body affects your overall health and well-being. Eating a well-balanced diet full of nourishing, nutrient-rich, fit foods helps you live a stronger, longer and healthier life. All Meals are delivered fresh never frozen because we know fresh is better.New Menu Every Week
Our Miami client’s enjoy a large variety of fresh meals. Every week our chefs create a new menu full of both creative and classic paleo dishes.

Doorstep Delivery
The prepared meals are sealed in microwave-safe containers, chilled, and delivered fresh in an insulated bag with ice packs. We drop off bags three times per week at our clients’ doorsteps.
-Sunday night we deliver meals to be eaten on Monday and Tuesday.
-Tuesday night we deliver meals to be eaten on Wednesday and Thursday.
-Thursday night we deliver meals to be eaten on Friday.
Weekends meals are not part of the regular plan but can be arranged upon request.

Portion Size Options
We offer three different fresh meal plans depending on the client’s goals. All three plans use the same paleo menu; what differs between the meal plans is the amount of food in each meal.

“The Skinny” is our weight loss meal plan. A Skinny meal contains a smaller portions of food then the other plans. It is popular for anyone looking to shed a few pounds of fat fast.
“The Prime” is for those looking to attain or maintain a lean physique. A Prime meal contains more food than a Skinny meal, and less than an Athlete meal.
“The Athlete” meal plan is for active people with big appetites. An Athlete meal is the largest size that we offer. Each meal is packed full of protein and great for those looking to add muscle.

Fresh Meals Per Day Options
We allow our clients to select how many meals per day they would like to receive.  Most people choose all 3 meals per day,  but we are happy to send out only one or two meals for each day. Please note: unless you tell us otherwise, we will assume people who ask for one meal a day want dinner, if the client asks for two meals a day, we will provide lunch and dinner.

Eat Fresh Meals in Dade County

Eating fresh meals is better that is why Primal Organic makes it convenient to eat fresh meals in Miami. We do this by delivering delicious, nutritious, gluten-free, paleo meal plans directly to our customers’ doorsteps. We are dedicated to meeting all our client’s dietary needs with satisfying chef-created, gluten-free meals.