How It Works

Enjoy healthy, delicious and ready-to-eat meals, hand-crafted in our local Miami kitchen. Primal Organic is Miami’s top meal plan delivery Rated #1 for taste, and service. Our fantastic variety of portion-controlled diet plans lets you enjoy meals you crave, stick to your plan and reach your goals.

We hand deliver an insulated cooler bag to your doorstep three times a week (Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday).

You do not need to be home the bag will be left at your doorstep between the hours of 4pm-11:30 pm. The meals are sealed in microwave-safe containers, chilled, and delivered inside the bag with ice packs. We drop off bags three times per week at our clients’ doorsteps. [/threecol_one] [threecol_one_last][dropcap]3.  Enjoy[/dropcap][divider]

The food is already cooked; you simply need to warm it up. Microwave for 1-2 minutes or sauté in a pan for 5-6 minutes (this is our preferred method).[/threecol_one_last]

Primal Organic’s owner explains how everything works on NBC.

[quote]At Primal Organic we believe it’s never too late to change your diet. There are no set rules, no time limit, change when ever you want. You can make the best or the worst of it. We hope you make the best of it. We hope you find the perfect diet for you. We hope you are proud of how you eat. If you find that you’re not, We hope you have the courage to change[/quote] .