Keto Diet Vs Paleo Diet


The paleo diet vs keto diet: The keto diet allows dairy.

The keto diet vs. paleo diet: Paleo diet has less Fat the Ketogenic Diet has fewer Carbs.
The Paleo diet is all about “eating foods you were designed to eat.” The belief is that when we humans switched from eating only foods we could hunt and gather, to an agricultural diet, we began our demise into a culture suffering from chronic illnesses like diabetes, cardiovascular disease and obesity. Therefore we should eat like our ancestors did before we started farming more than 10,000 years ago.

Originally the ketogenic diet was a tool for disease management, not weight loss. It is a common dietary intervention for conditions such as epilepsy. The goal of a ketogenic diet (Keto diet for short), is to force the body into ketosis. Ketosis is the process of the body burning stored fat. Ketosis occurs when the body doesn’t consume enough carbohydrates and breaks down fat to use as energy instead. For that to happen, carb intake has to be around 20 – 30 grams a day.

5 Ketogenic Diet Facts

What conditions promote ketosis?

Thus the Keto diet has less carbs but more fat then the paleo diet. A Keto diet has a very low carbohydrate intake. While a Paleo diet is certainly lower in carbs than many other diets out there, it typically still has a higher carb intake than a Keto diet.