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Is maple syrup paleo friendly?
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Can I eat maple syrup on the Paleo Plan? Is maple syrup paleo friendly?

Is maple syrup paleo friendly?
Is maple syrup paleo friendly?

At Primal Organic it is not uncommon for someone to call or email to ask “is maple syrup paleo?”  It obviously passes the “could cavemen have had ate it?” test since it comes out of a tree. However it is important to remember that something being “natural” does not make it by definition healthy to eat.  It is important to know how the food in questions behaves in the body. For example, agave is natural but behaves almost exactly when eaten so we never use agave at Primal Organic Paleo Plan delivery.

Maple Syrup is paleo but should be used in moderation.

Is maple syrup primal?

Let’s let the author of The Primal Blueprint Mark Sisson answer if maple syrup is primal.


It’s also been eaten for centuries as a traditional food, perhaps even longer, since the native Americans were producing maple syrup when the Europeans arrived in the Americas. A recent study identified 54 phenolic compounds in real maple syrup, including one dubbed quebecol that actually forms during the process of boiling sap down into syrup. Since honey owes its unique metabolic effects to the presence of dozens upon dozens of phenolic compounds, I would guess that maple syrup is one of the safer sweeteners.

When it comes to sugar, all maple syrups, regardless of the grade, are almost entirely sucrose. Grade B maple syrup, however, is darker, richer, more complex, and contains more minerals (and, probably just like the darker honeys, more phytochemicals). Go for grade B (whose name may change in 2013), and make sure you get real maple syrup, not just “syrup.”

Verdict: Primal limbo, but use caution, as it’s still sugar.  –Mark Sisson



Is maple syrup paleo? Yes maple syrup can be eaten on a Paleo Plan but eat it in moderation. Interested in trying our paleo meal delivery?


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