Our Paleo Food

Primal Organic is a convenient and delicious way to eat a paleo diet. Our healthy meal service uses ingredients that are unprocessed and unrefined, or “whole foods.” The food you put in your body affects your overall health and well-being. Eating a well-balanced diet full of wholesome, nutrient-rich, healthy foods helps you live a stronger, longer and healthier life.

Our customers do not have to give up delicious food to eat healthy. Primal Organic’s paleo food delivery program uses no artificial flavors, colors, no dairy, no added sugars, no soy.[sticky class=”right”] Our Paleo Food
-100% Paleo
-No Soy
-Whole Food
-Dairy Free
-Grain Free
-No Added Sugar
-No Artificial sweeteners
-Low carb
-Wild Caught Alaskan Salmon


Everything is gluten free and paleo. Our gourmet ready meals come fresh so you can enjoy the actual flavor of the food without exposure to the potentially harmful chemicals found in many mass-produced and processed foods.

We change our 100% gluten-free paleo menu weekly ensuring clients never get tired of eating the same foods. Like a personal chef, we provide wholesome, delicious and exciting meals created only using paleo ingredients. Our highly trained, gourmet chefs prepare each meal individually right before they are delivered.

Primal Organic is the perfect fit for families, couples, singles, busy professionals, new and expecting moms, dieters, seniors, and numerous professional athletes, celebrities, trainers and nutrition experts.

Primal Organic, 4341 S.W. 72nd Avenue, Miami, Florida 33155, United States (US) - Phone: 1-305-771-5352 Secondary phone: (305) 333-3004 Email: info@primalorganicmiami.com