Paleo Diet Delivery New York

Paleo Diet delivery in New York coming late 2014
Paleo Diet delivery in New York

All NYC plans have been put on hold. Before 2018 Primal Organic plans on launching its Paleo meal delivery in New York.

Primal Organic’s chefs handcraft each of our client’s gourmet meals specifically using only paleo ingredients. The meals are than sealed and delivered that day so they arrive fresh, never frozen, and always ready to eat.

Primal Organic’s goal is to make our client’s life easier by delivering delicious, nutritious, prepared, packaged, paleo meals. We are dedicated to meeting all our client’s dietary needs with satisfying chef created meals that save time and money.

Eating paleo is about lean, healthy meats. It is not about constant consumption of processed and fattened up cattle. Primal Organic is a low carb diet, but we prefer to be considered a low crap diet.

The food we eat matters. It affects our overall health and well-being. At Primal Organic we know eating a well-balanced diet full of wholesome, nutrient-rich, organic foods helps us live a stronger, longer, and healthier life.

Stay tuned for more details.