Primal Organic has offered paleo meal plan delivery in Miami-Dade since 2011. Every meal is cooked in Miami and delivered Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Try our paleo meal delivery service today.  

Paleo Diet Meals Cooked in Miami

Paleo Meals delivered

Cooked, placed in microwave-safe containers, and hand-delivered to your home 3 times a week.


Your meals are delivered in an insulated bag cold-packed to your doorstep. Never frozen we guarantee the freshness of all our paleo diet meal plans.

Heat AND eat

Primal Organic's paleo meal plans arrive ready to eat. No prep. No shopping No mess to clean. Our meals arrive ready to heat and eat in minutes

Paleo Delivery Menu

We make it simple to eat a paleo diet in Miami. After you’ve ordered your paleo meals, we deliver them in a cold-packed bag on Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday.

Our paleo meal plans come ready to heat and eat. Enjoy delicious, paleo diet meals at home in minutes with Primal Organic’s home delivery meal plans. Easy as that.

What do the paleo meals include?

Diet Delivery bag
Signature Diet

Traditional low-carb

Diet Delivery bag
Paleo Diet

Emphasizes incorporating whole foods into your diet while eliminating grains, processed food, dairy, refined sugar, and legumes.

Diet Delivery bag

Keto Diet

Plans include less than 25 grams of carbs per day.

Diet Delivery bag
Vegan Diet

Plant Based

Paleo meal plan delivery clients

So impressed by the quality of the ingredients in these meals!
Evelyn G.
Coral Gables 4/3/21
The meals are delicious and make eating paleo so much easier. Even with a cheat day here and there I am losing weight.
Yvonne F.
Miami Beach 6/15/16

We do not mass produce meals in a warehouse and send them out in a box. Our culinary team cooks each paleo meal in our commercial kitchen in Miami. We are a family-run business. Our offices are located next to our kitchen. The people who talk with you on the phone, talk to the chefs about the food.

Primal Organic originally was strictly a paleo meal delivery company. Our chefs know how to do the paleo diet. Our culinary teams have been perfecting the meals since 2011.  

Start a paleo diet and get back to basics. Enjoy foods that our bodies both recognize and love. Our paleo meal delivery service is designed to make eating paleo easy.

Primal Organic was created because putting together and cooking a weekly paleo diet food plan takes a ton of energy. With our delivery service, you no longer need to worry about creating your own paleo diet menu. 

Simplify your day and diet with high-protein paleo meals.