Primal Organic Meal Plans

The Primal Plan was started as Miami’s first chef prepared paleo diet meal delivery. It offered great variety, and daily delivery. The Primal Plan was an exciting paleo meal program that delivered fresh paleo meals to Dade County resident’s doorsteps every weekday.

The Primal Plan’s philosophy was pretty simple: no pasta, no bread, no rice and no beans. It tried to mimic the paleo diet. The paleo diet is not about eating crap it is about eating whole great tasting foods.

When one of the owners came up with Primal Plan she wanted to use wholesome fruits, vegetables, lean meats, seafood, and nuts. Primal Organic does just this! The paleo diet means low GI ingredients recipes. This help regulate insulin levels, which will not only reduce clients body fat (or maintain a lean physique), but will also pump up your energy and enhance your athletic performance…

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The Primal Plan delivered in Miami and all of Dade County.

Primal Organic believes healthy eating should be a convenience. Primal Organic take the complications of meal planning off your plate by delivering two entire day’s worth of meals and snacks right to your door!

Your concern could be dietary restrictions, allergies, muscle building or weight loss, Primal Organic has a meal plan for you. Plus, we use only farm-fresh ingredients! Start eating healthy the easy way with Primal Organic.

Becky Rosenblatt with Primal Blueprint creator Mark Susson
Becky Rosenblatt with Primal Blueprint creator Mark Susson